This is just a few of my candlestick telephones.
We will be adding to this page as will get pictures taken.
If you would like a better look at any of these phones
Please E-mail us and let us know. Most of these are not for sale but I will always listen to offers! For the phone that are for sale go to

AEstrowgerblk.jpg (10870 bytes)
Black Strowger Dial
candle stick made by Automatic Electric Co.
amel.jpg (21572 bytes)
American Electric Early
(1900's) Shield in switch hook.
amerdial.jpg (21365 bytes)
American Electric dial
candle stick with early Automatic Mercedes dial
CenturyPot.jpg (23095 bytes)
One of a kind Century
Pot belly candlestick
Centurysplit.jpg (21379 bytes)
Century split shaft candle
stick with American Electric Burns receiver
ChicagoWesco.jpg (10622 bytes)
Wesco candle stick (made by Chicago telephone).
eureka.jpg (9718 bytes)
Eureka candle stick. This telephone style was used by many other telephone companies.
Monarch1901.jpg (10291 bytes)
Monarch Telephone Co
This is a early model
Liechdial.jpg (19664 bytes)
Leich Electric dial stick with unmarked early Automatic dial.
Monarchlater.jpg (23027 bytes)
Monarch candle stick with porcelain mouthpiece. This is the later model.
sapot.jpg (8952 bytes)
Swedish American Electric Pot belly candle stick. I want these phones!
scoilcan.jpg (8366 bytes)
Stromberg Carlson oil can candle stick. Made around the turn of the century.
we21b.jpg (25934 bytes)
Western Electric 21B candle stick with glass mouthpiece.

Western Electric #10 candle stick with very unusual glass mouthpiece.
scromoan.jpg (24010 bytes)
Stromberg Carlson Roman column candle stick with glass mouthpiece 1899
swam.jpg (26172 bytes)
Swedish American Candle stick
north.jpg (19994 bytes)
North Electric with very
large Mouthpiece
abtco.jpg (11609 bytes)
One of My favorite phones American Bell Telephone Co. made by B.R. Electric in Kansas City
chicpot.jpg (24329 bytes)
Chicago Bakelite pot belly candlestick 

If you have any Questions about our collection
or you want a better look at one of the telephones.
Please feel free to E-mail me . I have had several
requests to appraise your old telephones.
I  would be glad to do so. If you have a telephone
you want appraised email me a photo and
I will do my best. If you have one for sale
I always want to spend my money.
I will also trade telephones that I have refurbished.
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  More to come!
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