My Collection II

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Another display.

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We collect more than old telephones.

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Another display.

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Showing off Part of the collection.

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More auction buys! A lot of work here but it is a labor of love. You will find some of these telephones on the For Sale page
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Some people just don't know how to take care of their old telephones. when the walls need to be painted they painted the telephone too.
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At this auction there were 309 candle stick telephones. We got 269 and my check book was all out of money.
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Some of the telephones from Coffeyville KS. What a load!

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This guy showed up to sell a truck load of old phone stuff.


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Having more fun!

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Buying out an antique dealer

If you have any Questions about our collection or you want a better look at one of the telephones. Please feel free to E-mail me . I have had several requests to appraise your old telephones. I  would be glad to do so. If you have a telephone you want appraised email me a photo and I will do my best. If you have one for sale I always want to spend my money. I will also trade telephones that I have refurbished.
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