Colored Desk Telephones

I always want to buy telephones.
If you have a telephone like
one of these PLEASE!
Let me know.

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AEcolorchat.jpg (279675 bytes)1.jpg (94395 bytes)
NorthColor.jpg (37964 bytes)NorthColor1.jpg (52802 bytes)NorthColor2.jpg (52290 bytes)NorthColor3.jpg (45619 bytes)

I want to buy any of these phones!

AE1awalnut.jpg (13582 bytes)
AE 1-A Type Walnut with chrome trim.


AEa-1maroon.jpg (23386 bytes)
Automatic Electric A-1 type
Maroon with Gold trim.


AE40Ivory.jpg (21995 bytes)
Automatic Electric 40
Ivory with chrome trim.


ae40grn.jpg (14132 bytes)
Automatic Electric 40
Jade green with gold trim.


AE40walnut.jpg (12270 bytes)
Automatic Electric 40
Walnut with chrome trim.


ae40red.jpg (24371 bytes)
Automatic Electric 40
Chinese red with gold trim.
WEColored.jpg (38146 bytes)WEColored7.jpg (36996 bytes)
The last of over 100 colored sets! These are the ones that I keep back for my collection. I have decided to sell these. They are as I found them. Some have NOS cords on them. Most are very nice!
WE302Ivory.jpg (12180 bytes)
Western Electric 302
K6packwalnut.jpg (10101 bytes)
Kellogg in walnut.
we302bl.jpg (15174 bytes)
Western Electric 302
we302red.jpg (15329 bytes)
Western Electric 302
Chinese Red.
WE302rose.jpg (14109 bytes)
Western Electric 302
we302grn.jpg (13035 bytes)
Western Electric 302
we354iv.jpg (7729 bytes)
Western Electric 354

Salesmancase.jpg (18975 bytes)
Western Electric (Bell System)
Salesman's Sample case.

clear500.jpg (9404 bytes)
Western Electric Clear 500 desk telephone.
ClearTmLn.jpg (15039 bytes)
Western Electric clear desk
and wall mounted Trim lines.
ericomix.jpg (17317 bytes)
Ericofons in different colors.

Ericoclear2.jpg (91472 bytes)Ericoclear.jpg (88492 bytes)
Ericofon In clear with it's original box.
PrnssLtbl.jpg (10843 bytes)
Light Blue Western Electric Princess.
Only 10 buttons.
ericored.jpg (16422 bytes)
Ericofons in different colors.
Touch-tone too.

If you have any Questions about our collection or you want a better look at one of the telephones. Please feel free to E-mail me . I have had several requests to appraise your old telephones. I  would be glad to do so. If you have a telephone you want appraised email me a photo and I will do my best. If you have one for sale I always want to spend my money. I will also trade telephones that I have refurbished.

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