Desk Telephones

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Stromberg Carlson Early dial desk set Using a Western Electric #2HB dial.


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Western Electric Early dial desk set.
Original #2HB. This telephone is one of western Electric's First dial desk sets. Using the same base that the dial candle stick used at the same time. Always looking to buy another one of these. $100.00 - $200.00


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Western electric (Bell System)
touch-tone space saver. I would like to buy these. $50.00 to $150.00. 


Western Electric 202 B1 with ringer base. Have you ever seen one of these?


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Shmoo Phone 2 line

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Need to know how to remove the dial from a Shmoo phone? I know how and have pictures to show it!



If you have any Questions about our collection or you want
a better look at one of the telephones. Please feel free
to E-mail me . I have had several requests to appraise
your old telephones. I  would be glad to do so.
If you have a telephone you want appraised email me
a photo and I will do my best. If you have one for sale
I always want to spend my money. I will also trade
telephones that I have refurbished.
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