My collection Of old Telephone Parts 
These are the hard to find parts that you never see! 


Recievers2.jpg (37353 bytes)Recievers4.jpg (36098 bytes)

In the above pictures you will find the following receivers. from left to right. Eureka, Western Electric, Swedish American, Solid, Early Swedish American, L. M. Ericson, Hard Rubber Long pole Might by Western Electric. Be aware that there craftsman that can copy these parts so well it is very hard to tell they are not old. Some antique Dealers have been know to sell them as old.

GlassMP.jpg (35938 bytes)GlassMP2.jpg (36227 bytes)GlassMP3.jpg (34109 bytes)

The above is a Glass mouthpiece and a porcelain mouthpiece. These were used to help stop the spread of deadly diseases. You were to sanitize you mouthpiece everyday. DO beware these have been reproduced and sold as Originals.