Wood Telephones


Chicago_4ft_oak_wall_telephone.jpg (10614 bytes)

Chicago wall Tandem.

2boxs.jpg (29880 bytes)
Several Old 2 box wall telephones 
3box.jpg (38058 bytes)
One 3 box Western Electric walnut wall Telephone
blake.jpg (16425 bytes)
Blake Transmitter. Used on early wall and desk telephones. This is the middle box on a three box telephone. We will be picturing some in the future.
central.jpg (22081 bytes)central1.jpg (17441 bytes)
A Central Wall Fiddle back  Telephone
tandem.jpg (25553 bytes)
A American Electric oak wall tandem and a Chicago
Vought burger.jpg (19672 bytes)Voute burger.jpg (27241 bytes)
2 Vote Burger oak wall telephones
kussel1.jpg (20826 bytes)
A 2 box Kussel Wall telephone
wkellogg.jpg (30132 bytes)
Kellogg wall 2 box telephone
MVC-294S.JPG (40061 bytes) MVC-292S.JPG (36448 bytes)

MVC-291S.JPG (37286 bytes)


I am sorry to have neglected this page for this long I will be starting to add phones to this page Please check in and If I do not let me know!

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