Late model Telephones

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These are telephones that are not antique but are becoming collectable. Most on this page are in as-is condition. They can be cleaned up but I do not have the time .
The telephones below are used and dirty. If you need a closer shot and a different angle Please let me know. I will trade for older telephone parts. But I do need cash. I will except Postal money orders  All plus shipping. Unless you want to pick them up here.
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LtBlPriness3.jpg (28645 bytes)LtBlPriness4.jpg (29112 bytes)

New Handset, New cord and other parts are refurbished works well! No dial light or transformer (Add $35.00 for these items) $99.00

I have a few of these left and placed this ad on 11-15-02


WEPink5003.jpg (34046 bytes)WEPink5004.jpg (37086 bytes)WEPink5005.jpg (34528 bytes)

WEPink500.jpg (22811 bytes)WEPink5001.jpg (19815 bytes)WEPink5002.jpg (24028 bytes)

Pink Western Electric 500 set with the original pink 4 prong plug. $155


WE 702B no lamp $60.00

WE 2702BM $55.00
Trimline1.jpg (12924 bytes)trimline2.jpg (16882 bytes)

New old stock ITT trimline phones. Rotory dial. Wall sets.  $35.00

554.jpg (15030 bytes)554a.jpg (14779 bytes)

WE and other makes 554 wall rotory and touchtone $45.00 and up (Nice than this one! :-)

WEWhtPrncsD.jpg (36934 bytes)WEWhtPrncsD1.jpg (35360 bytes)
WEWhtPrncsD2.jpg (38359 bytes)WEWhtPrncsD3.jpg (37650 bytes)
WEWhtPrncsD4.jpg (36954 bytes)WEWhtPrncsD5.jpg (37944 bytes)

White WE dial Princess 9-62 Needs a good cleaning! $35.00 Sold!

WEBluPrncs.jpg (35654 bytes)WEBluPrncs1.jpg (35644 bytes)
WEBluPrncs2.jpg (37160 bytes)WEBluPrncs3.jpg (38530 bytes)

Early Blue Dial Hardwired 701B 1 button missing $75.00


WE_NEBluPrncesTT.jpg (37964 bytes)WE_NEBluPrncesTT1.jpg (37028 bytes)
WE_NEBluPrncesTT2.jpg (36559 bytes)WE_NEBluPrncesTT3.jpg (37222 bytes)
WE_NEBluPrncesTT4.jpg (37803 bytes)WE_NEBluPrncesTT5.jpg (40729 bytes)

Blue Painted with turquoise underneath 10 button TT hardwire WE handset/NE Base Very old and odd setup! 



WEGrnPrncs.jpg (37517 bytes)WEGrnPrncs1.jpg (36522 bytes)
WEGrnPrncs2.jpg (36204 bytes)WEGrnPrncs3.jpg (36749 bytes)

Princess WE Dial hard wired Green $70.00


G1Cover.jpg (35821 bytes)

G-1 Cover $10.00


WEYelPrncs2line.jpg (35379 bytes)WEYelPrncs2line1.jpg (33443 bytes)

WEYelPrncs2line2.jpg (36858 bytes)WEYelPrncs2line2.jpg (36858 bytes)

WEYelPrncs2line3.jpg (34276 bytes)WEYelPrncs2line4.jpg (36236 bytes)

WEYelPrncs2line5.jpg (36745 bytes)

WE Yellow Princess 2 Line With matching plug Hardwired but stain line cord. TT Nice used condition $275

WEBeigePrncshdwr.jpg (36589 bytes)WEBeigePrncshdwr1.jpg (36164 bytes)

WEBeigePrncshdwr2.jpg (36690 bytes)WEBeigePrncshdwr3.jpg (37409 bytes)

WEBeigePrncshdwr4.jpg (36455 bytes)

Same as above but hardwired $35.00

Telacady.jpg (16238 bytes)Telacady1.jpg (24945 bytes)

Telacady2.jpg (38419 bytes)

Tel-a-cady $14.00



WEBeigePrncs.jpg (36095 bytes)WEBeigePrncs1.jpg (36510 bytes)

WEBeigePrncs2.jpg (36211 bytes)WEBeigePrncs3.jpg (36216 bytes)

WEBeigePrncs4.jpg (36570 bytes)

WE Princess Dial Modular Beige $55


aeweprnsbeiWH.jpg (40474 bytes)

White WE TT Princess $85.00 Beige AE $45.00


AEGrnWall.jpg (41325 bytes)

AE Green wall non-dial Nice! $85.00



images/TrayPrns.jpg (39494 bytes)

WE princess phones $25.00 each let me know if you can use several! As is! Or working and tested but not cleaned up for $35.00 or tested and cleaned up for $55.00


WE 701B $225.00


WE702B no lamp $65.00

Some here have been sold Or Lost in the mass of phones! Email and I will see If I can find them and let you know what is there. Testing and cleaning cost $35.00