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All items are as is! Items are plus shipping unless other wise noted with PPD (Postage paid).

Office phones $Sold most others $20.00 -5.00 SC 1243 $12.00, Red SC wall $35, SC pink desk is cracked and missing plunger $15.00 Cords $5.00 - 10.00


MVC-231S.JPG (38995 bytes)MVC-227S.JPG (39354 bytes)MVC-226S.JPG (39864 bytes)MVC-225S.JPG (40102 bytes)

MVC-228S.JPG (40688 bytes)MVC-222S.JPG (40742 bytes)


MVC-230S.JPG (38674 bytes) Small box switchboard? $20.00

MVC-240S.JPG (36928 bytes)MVC-241S.JPG (37527 bytes)MVC-236S.JPG (37582 bytes)MVC-237S.JPG (38501 bytes)

MVC-233S.JPG (40027 bytes)MVC-232S.JPG (38971 bytes)MVC-234S.JPG (40189 bytes)

Handset cords $8.00 Line cords $4.00



MVC-238S.JPG (39820 bytes)

Hardwired cords and big plug modular. Let me know what you need! Some fat gray cords too!

Bargain box full of cords (NO PINK) $20.00 you wash them and save the money! Plus shipping

MVC-242S.JPG (37658 bytes)

Ringers what you see $5.00 plus shipping

Add this page to your favorites I will be adding new items to this page as I sort parts from a collection that is being sent to me a box at a time. Many great newer pieces and some older stuff.

MVC-028S.JPG (18446 bytes)MVC-034S.JPG (17488 bytes)MVC-030S.JPG (17244 bytes)MVC-031S.JPG (18643 bytes)

Original NOS Western Electric receiver cord $35.00 

MVC-032S.JPG (33620 bytes)

Repo not for sale Do you have a old one like this for sale?

MVC-033S.JPG (24996 bytes)WE_spades2.jpg (101634 bytes)

Original Western Electric Cord spades. These are used on handset cords and line cords. NOS. I have packaged these up in 25 count bags. 25 spade connectors $10.00 Plus $2.00 shipping


Hooks1.jpg (43341 bytes)Hooks2.jpg (35753 bytes)

Hooks3.jpg (43464 bytes)Hooks.jpg (32427 bytes)

"S" and "J" hook restraints $1.00 each or 12 for $10.00 plus shipping The "J" hooks came in the Western Electric box, the "S" hooks came on a reel from AMP. Please leave me a note of which you want! Mix if want!

Use Buy Now for 12 at $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping



Wingpost.jpg (12922 bytes)Wingpost1.jpg (11171 bytes)Wingpost3.jpg (8773 bytes)

$5.00  Only have about 20! 10 @ $4.00 each

WE10AD.jpg (12639 bytes)WE10AD1.jpg (18268 bytes)WE10AD2.jpg (15916 bytes)

$100? make offer (holes have been drilled)


MVC-150S.JPG (37895 bytes)MVC-149S.JPG (38005 bytes)


Black AE $18.00 plus shipping

Mvc-309s.jpg (39176 bytes)Mvc-310s.jpg (38726 bytes)

Dial number plate Old Porcelain $5.00 Plus shipping

Special for the club 3 For $10.00

MVC-169S.JPG (36852 bytes)MVC-168S.JPG (36651 bytes)

$6.00 All 3 ringers


MVC-155S.JPG (26593 bytes)MVC-154S.JPG (24017 bytes)MVC-156S.JPG (38399 bytes)

AE older $85 

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