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Scroll down for phones!



The telephones you find here are labeled in four ways.

        1. "Working" This means ready to plug into the wall and use. The telephone will dial out if it has a dial, but will not if it has no dial.   
            The telephone will ring on a incoming call unless other wise labeled. The telephone will be in nice to very fine condition.

        2. "Refinished" This means that the telephone has been refinished (the wood refinished, brass polished and the metal
              repainted to the correct color) to be a nice show piece.

3. "Farm Fresh" This means that this is the way I found it and you get the opportunity to buy it the way I did or I am over
     loaded and I need some room.


4. "Nice" These are telephones that would be a nice addition to anyone's collection. They are some of the more sought after
     telephones. They will probably work, but I will not make them functional due to their rarity.

Please note that all telephones with a screw in type mouthpiece and separate receiver will have these parts replaced. We will replace old broken or cracked parts with a good copy replacement. We can supply originals for an extra cost. We use these replacement parts in the converted phones because of their insulating properties.

We are now accepting payment
 Postal money orders Only!

For later model telephones like Princess and ericofons try here

Original Old Phones Untouched here!


Antique old telephone stuff for sale






If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Very Unusual Walnut Kellogg Wall Telephone with Nickel parts. Click picture for details


I will have another finish soon!



Kellogg oak wall telephone Refinished as I found it  Working $455.00

Email if you want it!

To see what is coming click Here!

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2boxSC2.jpg (34985 bytes)

Walnut Stromberg Carlson
2 box wall telephone with nice nickel trim. This phone is not converted but is in very good shape for it's age.  $595.00 plus shipping

SAFB2.JPG (28109 bytes)SAFB3.JPG (23926 bytes)

SAFB4.JPG (20884 bytes)SAFB1.jpg (31854 bytes)

SAFB.jpg (37440 bytes)

Oak Swedish American Fiddleback wall phone. As I got it! Kellogg receiver and Stromberg Carlson Transmitter, $495 Or stripped and refinished $595 and converted $675

email me for this purchase!


couch.jpg (15592 bytes)
Couch intercom $65.00


This one has sold but I can make others let me know what you want

This oak wood ringer box has been setup with new part inside for a modern dial set. Guaranteed to work rings when you crank it $150 plus shipping

Touchtone model $225.00

Email me here about this one


Oak 2 box Stromberg Carlson. This early wood wall phone has a nice light oak finish and rings when the phone is cranked. This phone is not converted but can be if you so desire. $495

Email me to purchase


SCMetal2.jpg (32342 bytes)SCMetal3.jpg (36197 bytes)

SCMetal5.jpg (37862 bytes)

SCMetal.jpg (40675 bytes)

SCMetal1.jpg (32245 bytes)

Stromberg Carlson Metal set. 1930's working and ready to use. Only for incoming calls $125


email me for this purchase!

If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Western electric type Candlestick telephones. I have several at this time. I have polished and painted several and they are ready to go! $200-400
These will have some new replacement parts. Cords, Mouthpieces and receivers

Just in! 3 brass candlestick phones

Click here to see what is new!

Automatic Dial Candlestick Working! For more info Click on the Picture!
Just got another but not as nice!

Similar Phones $450-$650

We have some original telephone Directories for sale. These are the small ones that would have hung to the side of your telephone. From the 1940's- 1980's 



MVC-496S.JPG (33758 bytes)MVC-497S.JPG (31719 bytes)
MVC-498S.JPG (34031 bytes)MVC-499S.JPG (34045 bytes)
MVC-500S.JPG (21017 bytes)

MVC-513S.JPG (37138 bytes)
MVC-514S.JPG (38817 bytes)

Old Kellogg candlestick telephone. This 1910's old candlestick would look great on an old roll top desk and at your end table. This phone has a 5-cent coin box attached to the column. There is a crack in the Bakelite sleeve and other small dents so look at the picture close. The receiver is marked Leich electric but many telephones have had the receivers replaced with other manufactures products. This is a great opportunity to own a great candlestick telephone. We have a key for the coin box. The coin box is a reproduction made in the late 60's and 70's


Email me for shipping!

kellogg.jpg (44131 bytes)kellogg1.jpg (39398 bytes)

kellogg2.jpg (39525 bytes)kellogg3.jpg (31789 bytes)
Kellogg candle stick 1912. Working only for incoming calls. Repainted like above With Tweeter/ringer inside. This is what the Farm fresh ones look like when we refinish them. And they Work Too! $245.00

At this time we are out due to painting issues

181814.jpg (5314 bytes)

Kellogg candlestick  will need to be painted or polished. Comes with a replacement mouthpiece and receiver. These do not work. As is Farm Fresh $197.00


Or like these for $100.00

kcsnic2.jpg (11796 bytes)
Nickel Kellogg candle stick works no ringer (see ringers)
Some of these are renickeled
more pics(1,2) Add $30.00 for a tweeter ringer inside.

Sold Out for Now! Will have more later email if interested!


 Old Candlestick telephone. May have Kellogg, Western electric or unmarked transmitter. Some replacement parts (Mouthpiece, Receiver, Cord and dial base), Polished,  Works and rings $375.00 

Repainted all Black Works and rings $435.00 

New! As is phones! These phones are As I bought them, you complete them and add the needed parts. I can sell you a kit or just what you need! Just click here!


 we202b13.jpg (11025 bytes)
Western Electric 202D1 1930's works With network inside phone and no ringer box. $295.00 
202D1 with metal subset (as shown) Works and rings $360.00
pics(1,2,3,) .

Or with network inside phone and modern inline ringer for $325.00

From time to time I have these that have some unrepairable damage $175-275
email me to get on the list if you want one

I have these farm fresh with later model handset and no subset for $100.00 Email here



Western Electric Model 302 Working Plastic 1930's-50's $145.00 

Click here to hear it ring

Same Model but in metal painted black $225.00

Chrome base $255.00 
5 week wait! Email me first Please!

Farm fresh but working. These will have good cords and will have been checked out and working $80.00 you do the clean up! Email here

wecsorg.jpg (8857 bytes)
All Original Western Electric dial candle stick telephone. Original paint (some wear) Other
Pics 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Farm Fresh $529.00
Working $635.00


Watch here for pictures of Clean original working candlesticks # 1



Western Electric
Model 202b1 Working
(no ringer) $385.00
See ringer boxes


AE40chrom2.jpg (20595 bytes)
Automatic Electric 40 with chrome trim Made in the 40's works and rings
More pics(1,2,3)

Email me to order one!

email me for this purchase!

Click here to hear it ring


Automatic Electric Model 40 Working 1930's-50's $145.00

Click here to hear it ring

If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!
If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Special Telephone dial locks. Keeps people from using your telephone. New Old Stock! Great gift for $11.00



North dail.GIF (16795 bytes)
Northern Electric 1930's Bakelite desk telephone Works and rings nice old telephones $195.00



If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Click the picture for this North telephone!


kash6.jpg (8972 bytes)
Kellogg ashtray telephone Works
 Very nice one For $395 Not so nice $250

email me for this purchase!


Kmine.jpg (33127 bytes)

Kellogg Lineman's set or mine phone. $185.00 plus shipping

The rare and hard to find AE 1a type with chrome bands and PAX dial center. Click the picture to find out more!
MVC-003S.JPG (30967 bytes)

MVC-004S.JPG (32512 bytes)MVC-005S.JPG (31520 bytes)

Single slot payphone with "T" key $225 Works too! Only have 2 left and there will be no more!

email me for this purchase!

DSC00326.JPG (28323 bytes)

DSC00328.JPG (31581 bytes)
DSC00327.JPG (31988 bytes)

Farm Fresh payphones complete but no locks or keys $125.00 beige $175 black
Email here

1950's Chrome Working
Here are some more close ups 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Payphone $675.00


1950's Working Payphone $525.00 w/fixed locks

Email to order one!

I have these in beige 

made by Western Electric, Automatic electric and Northern Electric



If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Early 1930's separate Trans. & rec. payphone Click picture for details

If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Gray Pay station Farm fresh 1910's this payphone. Click here for details

Mickey Mouse touch-tone original phone Works $125.00 

Mickey mouse dial telephone original Works $125.00

Erico phone Working $155.50
other colors on request 
 For other colors Click Here!

Have a red one now!

Just in White and red touchtone!

Western Electric Model 302 Ivory Nice $585.00
Sold but I think I have more!
For the best of what I have click here

If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Have a nice Peking Red For sale too! For more pictures click here!

Ivory3024.jpg (16606 bytes)Ivory3021.jpg (11207 bytes)

Ivory3022.jpg (15453 bytes)Ivory302.jpg (15086 bytes)

Ivory3023.jpg (17390 bytes)

Nice Ivory Western Electric #354. $475

insultors.gif (83713 bytes)
We always have a large number of insulators around $5.00 and up! 
New Insulator Page

For that big dollar spender Works $37.50

trailerfull.gif (40200 bytes)
Oak ringer boxes NO PARTS INSIDE. They need to be stripped and refinished $15.00 each or 10 for $100.00
Copy of poster.jpg (70711 bytes)
I have 1 copy of this
poster for sale
$40.00 each plus $4.00 shipping
Order Here!

wpe12.jpg (7573 bytes)


Check out our booth at the Majestic Lion
in Des Moines, IA
They take master card and Visa and will ship for a price!

images/sign5.jpg (15789 bytes)
many more telephone Signs for sale. Just click on the sign above. Or email us with what you are looking for.


SignAlTel.jpg (35415 bytes)


SC1243.jpg (36773 bytes)

SC desk telephone 

Crest phone Works $150.00

To order a telephone
Just pick out the telephone you would like.
Email your choice and your zip code to
oldtelephone@gmail.com or submit it here.
We will advise you of our stock and tell
you what the shipping will be. There will be
a $3.00 handling charge for tape, boxes,
gas and other extras.
We accept Postal Money Orders or cashier's checks.

For sale II
We have many old telephone signs that are not pictured here.
If you have a certain telephone you are after
Please contact us and we would be
glad to help you any way we can.

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Email us At oldtelephone@gmail.com

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Ringer Boxes

On candlestick telephones and other desk telephones that originally had a network ringer box we can add a wooden bell box or a wooden network ring box. The bell box would just plug into a jack like another phone would and ring on an incoming call. The network box would need to be wired in line with the telephone and would ring and make the telephone work. The same can also work for the metal ringer boxes. 
Prices with a telephone purchase are as follows.

Oak bell box with brass polished bells for a desk or wall                                          $85.00
Walnut bell box with brass bells for desk or wall                                                       $105.00
Oak bell box with nickel bells for desk for wall                                                          $100.00
Walnut bell box with nickel bells for desk or wall                                                       $120.00
Oak network bell box with brass bells (no magneto) wired with the phone.            $75.00
Oak network bell box with brass bells (with magneto) wired with the phone.          $135.00
Black metal bell box with brass exposed bells.                                                        $65.00
Black metal bell box with nickel exposed bells                                                         $80.00
Automatic Electric Bakelite bell box                 Sold out at this time                    $125.00

MVC-165S.JPG (21375 bytes)MVC-166S.JPG (37766 bytes)MVC-167S.JPG (37777 bytes)

Black metal network box with no exposed bells wired with telephone.                    $85.00
New mechanical ringer made in Taiwan for in line use     Pic1,2,3                            $45.00 

These boxes can be purchased with a conversion of your old telephone. With the use of the original old ring box this will make your telephone as complete as possible and still have it so you can use it. Sorry no bell boxes sold separate.

we20B.jpg (37937 bytes)we20B1.jpg (36435 bytes)we20B2.jpg (32678 bytes)we20B3.jpg (32463 bytes)

we20B4.jpg (35271 bytes)we20B5.jpg (35835 bytes)we20B6.jpg (37654 bytes)we20B7.jpg (32249 bytes)we20B8.jpg (33618 bytes)


Western Electric nondial candle stick as you see it! $285 plus shipping

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