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When buying old telephones you end up buying
something's that you thought you really wanted.
Then when you get home they don't seem so neat.
We got a lot of stuff like that.



Old Philco radio . $225.00


Crosley619.jpg (33815 bytes)

Old Crosley radio for trade! Or offer 
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You $50 offers need not email!

QuamSpeaker3.jpg (36847 bytes)

Quam Speaker!
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Philco3835.jpg (25997 bytes)

Philco 38-35
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14aTube4.jpg (34790 bytes)14aTube.jpg (37362 bytes)

Several NOS Western Electric tubes $10.00 each

Old Western Electric Tubes. Bought these from a friend that had some telephone stuff and other Items for sale. I had to take it all so here is your chance to own some nice old WE tubes. 

Philco Jr. Superheterodyne Model 81 
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Sounder.jpg (19251 bytes)Sounder1.jpg (17819 bytes)

Sounder2.jpg (18308 bytes)Sounder3.jpg (37628 bytes)

J H Bunnell Sounder $55.00 email if you want this!

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You can see our tools that are for sale too.

Victor Talking Machine Model V.V. V1 plays, missing one door knob In good Original condition. $365.00
This weeks special !


Doughboygril.jpg (15773 bytes)
Poppin fresh and his girl friend Poppie. Nice shape only sold as a pair. If you have any in color or any other of the doughboy dolls Please let me know. Come see the Doughboy page
oil rag Org.jpg (12189 bytes)
Old oil rag from the R.R.$13.00

SShawkeye.jpg (18196 bytes)
Old alfalfa seed sack
Hawk-eye Brand
Nice condition


 opener6.jpg (41587 bytes)opener5.jpg (31950 bytes)

Old beer bottle opener NOS $17.50


Old Aladdin lamp shade, no cracks $435.00


A Few old lamps that have been here a while








Best to bookmark this page.

We have a lot of junk to get rid of.
You do not want to miss an opportunity.
Lots of old hardware to come.
Old radios too. Contact us with your needs
and we will see what we can come up

insulater.jpg (36881 bytes)insulater1.jpg (36404 bytes)insulater2.jpg (35836 bytes)insulater3.jpg (35401 bytes)

$5.00 Never used NOS{New Old Stock} Plus shipping

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Old theater Western Electric Speaker. Odd rare old bird. Some damage on the horn. Has the same base as the early Non dial candle sticks. I am open to offers or trade for early telephone goods. $595.00 or offer



We have just got in a bunch of old books. Mostly children's books. Below is a list if you see some thing you want just email and I will send you a picture and a price if we still have it!

I have posted pictures of some of these here!

1. Tommy Visits the Doctor - A little golden book - #480 
2. Who Wants a pop can Park? - Start Right Elf Book - #8563
3. The Little Mailman Of Bayberry Lane - Tip Top Elf Book - 8729 $20.00 Sold
4. Pets _ Tip Top Elf Book - #8617
5. The Friendly Book - A Little Golden Book - #592
6. Mr. Pine's Mixed-up Signs - Easy Reader- Wonder Books- 5903
7. The Whispering Rabbit - Weekly Reader Children's book club-
8. Lassie's Brave adventure - Tell-a-tale Books - 2571

Sambo6.jpg (10682 bytes)Sambo7.jpg (6359 bytes)Sambo2.jpg (20643 bytes)Sambo1.jpg (4952 bytes)

Sambo3.jpg (5474 bytes)Sambo4.jpg (7397 bytes)Sambo5.jpg (22428 bytes)Sambo.jpg (24042 bytes)
9. Little black Sambo - Tell-a-Tale Books $55.00

These are Books with records with them

1. Bambi - Walt Disney -LLP 309
2. Three Little Pigs- Walt Disney - LLP 303 - No record
3. Pinocchio - Walt Disney - LLP 311
4, Peter Pan & Wendy - Walt Disney - LLP 304
5. Lady and the Tramp - Walt Disney  - LLP307

These are Childs records. Some are 45 some are 33 1/3. All are small.

1. 45 LG 804 Walt Disney - Simple Simon, Riddle Time
2. 45 LG 749 Old King Cole, Mother Hubbard, Jack & Jill, Jack be nimble





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