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All parts listed here are old original parts unless otherwise listed. We accept Postal money orders  NO PERSONAL CHECKS PLEASE! Please check with me before ordering off this page. These items are hard to find and I may only have a few, or maybe just one!

No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! No refunds on miss ordered telephone parts. Send a picture and I will make sure!


New Dial will work on most phones where the dial mounts on top! $20.00




Original Cradle $20.00




ConnectionBlock.jpg (36450 bytes)ConnectionBlock1.jpg (36608 bytes)

Old connecting blocks I believe these were made by Stromberg Carlson $5.00 each

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GrayBarNoBut3.jpg (37074 bytes)GrayBarNoBut4.jpg (36405 bytes)

Old telephone thing $7.00

SpeakerWhite1.jpg (36387 bytes)SpeakerWhite2.jpg (38554 bytes)SpeakerWhite3.jpg (37139 bytes)

Bell System Speaker phone unit. $15.00 or offer

WE211a3.jpg (36124 bytes)

Old WE 211 $85.00


AE1.jpg (35945 bytes)
AE2.jpg (36490 bytes)

Automatic speaker phone enclosures unused but have been around a while. $8.00 plus shipping

Mvc-317s.jpg (39388 bytes)Mvc-318s.jpg (37189 bytes)

Switch for 2 line 500's? $5.00

Mvc-313s.jpg (39650 bytes)Mvc-314s.jpg (37030 bytes)

4 prong plug to modular $14.00


Mvc-315s.jpg (37941 bytes)Mvc-316s.jpg (37760 bytes)

Amp spades 2.50 each Have about 200 of each

Mvc-307s.jpg (39005 bytes)Mvc-308s.jpg (38878 bytes)

 Several 500 type dial blanks. Most are marked 95B. black($5), brown($12), beige($10) and one gray($22) Used!

D3BU-62 13' Aqua Blue Straight line cord $20.00

H4CJ-59 9' coil handset cord in Rose pink $35.00 each

We have pink 6' modular handset cords for princess and trimline telephones $10.00 each


Turquoise 9' coil handset cord out of the bag but very good $15.00

D5AL-62 5'-6" aqua Blue straight line cord $10.00

We have pink 6' modular handset cords for princess and trimline telephones $10.00 each


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