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These are old original parts or original replacement parts sold in the 1900's-1950's. We accept Postal money orders NO PERSONAL CHECKS PLEASE! Please check with me before ordering off this page. These items are hard to find and I may only have a few, or maybe just one!

No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! No refunds on miss ordered telephone parts. Send a picture and I will make sure!

MVC-906S.JPG (13464 bytes)MVC-907S.JPG (13541 bytes)MVC-908S.JPG (13419 bytes)

 early candlestick switch pile up. $45

WENoRetainer.jpg (14591 bytes)WE128b.jpg (21120 bytes)

WE 128 B telephone number card retainer. This fits over the transmitter and under the mouthpiece.

$35.00 PPD

Item Name: 128B WE card holder
Item Number: 128BWE
Price: $35.00



RecCordLoops1.JPG (21014 bytes)RecCordLoops.JPG (18824 bytes)

Brown cloth cord like above but loops for spades and no tag. $40.00





This old Coin box is from the early 
days of Pay telephones
It was attached to the shaft of a 
candle stick telephone.
I have collected telephones for Years 
and these are the first originals I have 
ever seen. I have one to trade.

These are the pins out of Kellogg transmitters that swivel in their mounts. $2.00
WireH.jpg (17288 bytes)
WE dial stick wiring harness $18.00

Old Bakelite Transmitters several different MFGs
most dirty but will clean up good. You will need to get 4 2-52 screws. $10.00 each.

Mvc-309s.jpg (39176 bytes)Mvc-310s.jpg (38726 bytes)

Dial number plate Old Porcelin $8.00

Mvc-311s.jpg (38612 bytes)Mvc-312s.jpg (39282 bytes)

 For AE brass round base telephones. These are the half circle piece that holds the connections. These have some the screws and may have one or two complete connections missing on each side. 
$30.00 each



Mvc-305s.jpg (38629 bytes)

North Dial Spacer $8.50

Mvc-306s.jpg (39134 bytes)

 3" dial blanks $3.00 each various MFG's.

AESwitch2.jpg (22309 bytes)AESwitch.jpg (20689 bytes)AESwitch1.jpg (23007 bytes)

Original Automatic Electric candlestick switch pile up and center bar. $25.00




AEBases.jpg (40687 bytes)AEBases1.jpg (34979 bytes)

Original Automatic Electric Dial candlestick base covers. Original these had a rubber ring around the outside. These rings have long turned hard and broke off or are still matted to the cover. These covers maybe a little dirty and or rusty. I can bead blast these as part of the price if you like. $30.00 each. 


Or old base plate with a added new rubber ring for $57.50. plus shipping


We Custom make these rubber rings to fit Kellogg candlesticks, Western Electric candlesticks and others where this ring could apply. $35.00 each for custom rings!


RecOld1.jpg (25982 bytes)RecOld2.jpg (25000 bytes)RecOld.jpg (26592 bytes)

This is a old Kellogg receiver. It is very good shape! $105 We have some that are not as nice for $78-100

MPOld2.jpg (24748 bytes)MPOld.jpg (24975 bytes)MPOld1.jpg (22480 bytes)

Original Old Mouthpiece for a candlestick desk phone. 

Stromberg Carlson $125 Order below


Western Electric $125 Order below


Kellogg $105  Order below


Automatic Electric $125.Order below


 Email if you need one!


WEdialcenter.jpg (8816 bytes)WEDial.jpg (29575 bytes)WEdialface.jpg (14149 bytes)

This is a Western Electric dial retainer. It will fit dials with this configuration. $25.00 These will not have old cards in them. Email if you need one


AEcenter.jpg (10107 bytes)AEcenter1.jpg (9956 bytes)

AEdial.jpg (31437 bytes)AEdial1.jpg (30537 bytes)

This is a Automatic dial center retainer and will fit the above dial with out a dial center. I have these for time to time for $25.00. Email if you need one!


MVC-515S.JPG (20717 bytes)MVC-516S.JPG (38261 bytes)

MVC-517S.JPG (38745 bytes)MVC-518S.JPG (37772 bytes)MVC-519S.JPG (37533 bytes)

New Old Stock Old  receiver shell $75.00



MVC-026S.JPG (16828 bytes)MVC-027S.JPG (18067 bytes)20Buse.jpg (236558 bytes)

Will trade my one drop hook for your 2 regular WE CS hooks!

Or $65.00

MVC-816S.JPG (12839 bytes)MVC-817S.JPG (18889 bytes)MVC-818S.JPG (21427 bytes)

The is used on the early Western Electric candlestick telephones to hold the telephone number 128-B $35



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