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We Have a new service for our customers with bad cords. We can now repair your cord or sell you a repaired old original cord for less. Please email if you have any questions! Email me here!

No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! No refunds on miss ordered telephone parts. Send a picture and I will make sure!

Automatic electric 40 rubber base rings New $30.00

Item Name: AE 40 Rubber Base Ring $30.00
Item Number: AE40RubberBaseRing20
Price: $30.00






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Western Electric 5302 unused black cases. Will fit a 302 base $20.00 each


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Cloth Western Electric handset cord. These have 4 wires but can be used with only 3 wires are needed. Unused old stock $45.00

Item Name: WE old 3 or 4 wire handset cord
Item Number: PartsDesk20s50s.htm
Price: $45.00



MVC-079S.JPG (14457 bytes)

Early Western Electric Dial number plate. $35.00

Item Name: WE dial number only plate 35.00
Item Number: PartsDesk20s50s.htm
Price: $35.00




This is a Kellogg jumper for the Red bar Kellogg desk telephone. $3.00
Sold for right now!
MVC-511S.JPG (32696 bytes)MVC-512S.JPG (37941 bytes) 
Cloth cover 4 wire cord. $22.00

pinkcoil.JPG (38234 bytes)pinkcoil1.JPG (36574 bytes)pinkcoil2.JPG (35989 bytes)

Long original Western Electric Pink handset cords for hardwired phones. $35.00

blcoil.JPG (46294 bytes)

Same as above but in Blue $30.00

bluelinecd.JPG (38058 bytes)bluelinecd1.JPG (35829 bytes)longbllncd.JPG (37674 bytes)

Line cord in blue $25.00

Mvc-305s.jpg (38629 bytes)

North Dial Spacer $4.50


4. 3" dial blanks $2.00 each various MFG's.

Mvc-317s.jpg (39388 bytes)Mvc-318s.jpg (37189 bytes)

Switch for 2 line 500's? $15.00

Mvc-309s.jpg (39176 bytes)Mvc-310s.jpg (38726 bytes)

Does any know what these fit?

$5.00 each or 3 for $12.00

Item Name: Dial number rings K 3 for $12.00
Item Number: PartsDesk20s50s.htm
Price: $12.00



Mvc-315s.jpg (37941 bytes)Mvc-316s.jpg (37760 bytes)

Amp spades $3.50 each Have about 200 of each


3. Several 500 type dial blanks. Most are marked 95B. black($10), brown($18), beige($15) and one gray($32) Used!

Mvc-313s.jpg (39650 bytes)Mvc-314s.jpg (37030 bytes)

4 prong plug to modular $14.00



ConnectionBlock.jpg (36450 bytes)ConnectionBlock1.jpg (36608 bytes)

Old connecting blocks $5.00 each
Sold out for right now! I do have some in beige and gray!

WEdialcenter.jpg (8816 bytes)WEDial.jpg (29575 bytes)WEdialface.jpg (14149 bytes)

This is a Western Electric dial retainer. It will fit dials with this configuration. $30.00 These will not have old cards in them. Email if you need one




AEcenter.jpg (10107 bytes)AEcenter1.jpg (9956 bytes)

AEdial.jpg (31437 bytes)AEdial1.jpg (30537 bytes)

This is a Automatic dial center retainer and will fit the above dial with out a dial center. These come in black only! I have these for time to time for $30.00. Email if you need one!


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MVC-526S.JPG (21984 bytes)

Goose neck for a Space saver wall mount telephone Old $32 Repo $24
C-1 Dial goose necks (L) Old (R) New


DialLock.JPG (37408 bytes)DialLock1.JPG (38646 bytes)

Dial lock $10.00

Item Name: Dial lock $10.00
Item Number: PartsDesk20s50s.htm
Price: $10.00




I have about 3000-4000 of these Leich 901's some are NOS others are used but it is hard to tell it;

Original cords $20.00

Original rubber feet $10.00 per set

I have brass bases and bakelite base they have networks and condensers $10.00 each

I have Nice bakelite bodies $10.00 each

I have the handset with out the transmitter $24.00

And I have the boxes they come in marked Type 80 (some are marked Leich and some are marked AE) $5.00

Take off the crank cover and add a dial

Plus shipping

I take postal money orders

email me here