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  No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! No refunds on miss ordered telephone parts. Send a picture and I will make sure!


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Early Pay telephone mount Would like to trade for fiddle back parts or transmitter parts but would listen to a nice offer. $290.00

Western Pay Telephone Dial number rings $110.00 New old stock!

Email if you want one!

If there is no picture Thank Yahoo!
Old 3 Slot pay telephone name tag for Automatic Electric. 
$10.00 Each plus shipping
Red with silver writing


Black with silver writing



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single slot payphone door We use these a lot here in KC. People keep wanting to remove the money from the payphone vault. $25.00

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3 Slot payphone money box! Some light rust $37.50

Item Name: 3 slot coin box
Item Number:
Price: $37.50



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Western Electric 30B payphone lock and key for the cast iron 3 slot vault doors! $47.50 Postage paid




MVC-518S.JPG (6093 bytes)MVC-519S.JPG (12404 bytes)MVC-520S.JPG (13970 bytes)MVC-521S.JPG (13017 bytes)

Now get a cast Iron door and lock for $125.00 email for a picture

Item Name: Cast iron door, lock and key $125.00
Item Number: PayDoorLockKey125
Price: $125.00




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Hopper for coin phone $18.00

EMail if you want one!

MVC-068S.JPG (14662 bytes)

Sign Frame for the top of 3 slot payphones. NOS $10.00

Complete top frames for $35

I have old payphone drawings for $10.00 In PDF format

How to repair your pay phone

Because there are no Keys for the vault doors on a 3 slot coin phones you will need to remove the door to get the lock out and replace the lock with a lock & key.

How to remove the vault door on a 3 slot pay telephone!
1. The phone must be removed from the wall
2. Unscrew all the screws from the lower housing. @ of these screw are likely coming from the inside and will need to be drilled out. drill a hole smaller than the screws you have all ready taken out. the drill will turn the correct way to remove the screw. if this does not work you will a screw extractor that is right handed or will tighten when turned to the right.
3. now to remove the coin box. you will need to smash it into a ball to get it out. Use a punch and hammer to do this.
4. remove the screws from the lock and you will have the vault door open. (Is it worth it?)



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