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No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! No refunds on miss ordered telephone parts. Send a picture and I will make sure!

Email me here! oldtelephone@gmail.com 

These are old parts to Switch boards and other Telephone Company equipment.






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Western Electric Switchboard plug # 310 $8.00 

Old cord Switchboard weights. Different sizes.
All have a little rust. $8.00 each or 3 for $20.00
New old stock Dial mountings for switchboards or telephone conversions. There work very nice if you want to mount a dial that you may want to remove. $18.00 each plus shipping

I have these that are used and most do not have the contact plate in the bottom. $10.00  Ones with the contact plate $13.00

grnlamp2.jpg (15886 bytes)

Old telephone switchboard lamp covers. All different colors and styles. Email for some prices. Common ones are $2.00 each
Hard ones $5.00 each Will show more as I get pics.


Switchboard Plugs for old boards $4.00 each
You will need to send me a pic of yours

Old telephone switch I think that they are out of switchboards but I do not know. These work well for Kellogg candle sticks and wood wall telephones. I don't have very many! $5.50 each

These are switchboard plug screws. Hard to find and hard to see! $3.50 
Sold Out For Now!


Operators head set with 15A head band & bullet type receiver cord and 314A hookup! $18.00 each


SBplugs.jpg (21706 bytes)

Old switch board plugs $5.00 each

SBcords.jpg (29175 bytes)SBcords1.jpg (28241 bytes)

Old switchboard cords with plugs $20.00 each

MVC-046S.JPG (19249 bytes)MVC-045S.JPG (17020 bytes)

operators headset $18.00


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