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These are old original parts or original replacement parts sold in the 1900's-1950's. We accept Postal money orders  NO PERSONAL CHECKS PLEASE! Please check with me before ordering off this page. These items are hard to find and I may only have a few, or maybe just one!

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No refunds or returns on any old or new telephone parts! No refunds on miss ordered telephone parts. Send a picture and I will make sure!




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Original Wiring looms from old wood wall telephones $10.00

Item Name: Original Wiring looms from old wood wall telephones
Item Number: PartsWoodWallPhones.htm wiring looms
Price: $10.00




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Wing nut binding posts $8.00 each!






RecCordLoops1.JPG (21014 bytes)RecCordLoops.JPG (18824 bytes)

Brown cloth cord like above but loops for spades and no tag. $40.00




GarfordTag.jpg (15883 bytes)

Old telephone name tag "Garford" $25.00

Old telephone wrenches for old telephones
Some rusty some not as rusty.

Wire stapes used out old telephones $1.00 each

Transmitter diaphragm springs $1.00 per pair.

Original Western Electric wood wall telephone book hooks. Hard to find item.
$8.50 each

These are wire hold downs for old wooden telephones on the left is for a Kellogg on the right is for a Monarch
$2.00 each

Many old Wood telephone boxes! These two for $10.00 plus shipping

Old Carbon blocks for Stromberg Carlson Lightning arrestors. If you have a old SC telephone with saw tooth arrestor you need 4 of these.   1 = $5.00 4 = $10.00
Number Needed

Original Cover for the front of a old Wood telephone
When the transmitter arm has been removed. These are used and only $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

Old Handset holder adapter for receiver only type switch hooks. Some rust but in very good shape. If you have a old telephone and no transmitter arm this is the fix.  $2.00 or 3 for $5.00

Old Bakelite Transmitters several different MFGs
most dirty but will clean up good. You will need to get 4 2-52 screws. $10.00 each.

WoodenTrans.jpg (30632 bytes)WoodenTrans5.jpg (56100 bytes)WoodenTrans1.jpg (50383 bytes)WoodenTrans2.jpg (43016 bytes)

WoodenTrans3.jpg (47067 bytes)WoodenTrans4.jpg (57683 bytes)

Walnut transmitter box for an early 3 box phone! For sale of trade $200





Original ringer for old wood wall telephones you may need to make it fit$37.00







SCBatShf3.jpg (27459 bytes)SCBatShf.jpg (30328 bytes)SCBatShf2.jpg (26379 bytes)

Battery shelf for a Stromberg Carlson 2 box wood wall telephone. These are made of heavy cast iron and very hard to find. Most phones are missing this piece and if you have a 2 box without a shelf in the bottom box your is gone! $25.00



RecOld1.jpg (25982 bytes)RecOld2.jpg (25000 bytes)RecOld.jpg (26592 bytes)

This is a old receiver. It is very good shape! $105 We have some that are not as nice for $78-100

For an Original Kellogg receiver buy it now by clicking the button below

  Kellogg $105 

For an Original Western Electric receiver buy it now by clicking the button below

  Western Electric $125 



MPOld2.jpg (24748 bytes)MPOld.jpg (24975 bytes)MPOld1.jpg (22480 bytes)

Original Old Mouthpiece for a candlestick desk phone. 

Stromberg Carlson $125 Order below


Western Electric $125 Order below


Kellogg $105  Order below


Automatic Electric $125.Order below


 Email if you need one!



Western Electric mouthpieces (7/8" fine thread) fit; Century, Augusta, Varney, Stanley, Monogram, Williams, Acme, Kusel, Leich (Fine), Wesco (Fine)

Stromberg mouthpieces (1" course thread) fit; Baird, American, Eureka, Leich (Coarse), Monarch, Wesco (Coarse), Bucum, U. E. Co.

Kellogg mouthpieces (15/16" medium thread) fit; North, Dean, Modern, Manhattan, Couch, Ericsson (Coarse), Utica Fire Alarm, Voight Berger, Sumter, Swedish American

Automatic mouthpieces fit; Chicago, Oxford, Sears Roebuck, Interstate, Wesco, Ericsson (Fine), Julius Andrea, Voight Berger (Fine), Standard, DeVeau, Montgomery Ward

Old original magneto cranks and handles

Original Crank with nice handle $45.00



Original crank with damaged handle $20.00



Original crank no handle $18.00



Original NOS Handle $20.00 Pictured below



Email with your needs





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There are many parts that I do not list here. Of the 100's of old phones I try to list what you are most likely to need


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