Old Telephones for Rental and other

Most all telephones that you see for sale on our web pages can be rented to use as props in plays or commercials or as back drops. 

    Most phones rent for a price per week (20% of the cost of the phone) and a different price per month (15%-10% of the total cost of the phone per week) or per completion of your show. If you are going to be rough on the props let me know I have some old stuff just for you! 

    I normally require you pay for the item and rental up front. then when the item is return to me in good condition I will return your deposit.

    I require a copy of your driver's license and SS card. 

    I accept payment through  money orders. 

Renters pay shipping both ways.

Candlesticks About $13.00
Payphones about $25.00
Wood phones about $24.00


Examples of what we rent most often!

Non dial candlestick telephone Deposit $200 Rent per week $40 Per month$80
Dial Candlestick Deposit $400 Per week $80 Per month $150

10 Black handsets Deposit $120 Per week $24 per month $48

Black 202 (20's-40's) desk phone Deposit $250 Per Week $45 Per month $90

Black 302 (30's-50's) desk phone Deposit $150 Per week $30 Per Month $60

Wood wall telephone 1900's Deposit $450 Per week $90 per month $175

Old pay telephone Deposit $450 Per week $90 per month $175


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