White Mountain 20 quart Ice Cream Freezer Parts


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2 qt Parts

2 QT Ice cream bucket Good original shape. I believe this to be an Alaskian brand made by white mountain. needs lower band  $45.00


2 qt Lid $30.00

2qt Dasher $35.00

2qt Can $20.00

Or complete $60.00

20 qt parts
We have started to gather and making parts for the White Mountain 20 Quart Freezer or Ice Cream Maker. Do not use parts not made by White Mountain! These parts are not made to fit the White Mountain and wear out faster on the White Mountain freezers. Pot Metal gears do not last when used with Original Cast iron gears.

We are working on a Gear head and Dasher.

The Oak buckets are being made.

We are building all parts from 304 Stainless steel

I have the bolts for the tub to hold the Crank shaft holder $3.00 each

Bolts to the Crank shaft to hold the gear head $7.00 each

I have 2 Stainless Steel Cans for White mountain 20 quart freezers  $250.00 each sorry no lids and no dashers at this time. order here

I do have a steel can with some rust that will need to be retined.

I will be adding pictures and more parts till I have completed the 20 quart freezer

20 qt freezer for sale White Mountain 5 gallon ice cream freezer

needs to have the dasher can and lid retinned by archer tinning and it would be ready to freeze ice cream. It has been setup to run off a electric drive. No crank but I was going to add a crank of a corn sheller when I found one.

 $1200.00 picked up here at Olathe KS

8 quart White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer and parts

Here We have a 8 Qt missing the dasher and has a bad can.

Good parts
1. Wood bucket
2. Crank assembly
3. Can lid

Let me know what you might need email me here



I also have a 8 qt parts group

I have a bucket with the bottom band missing

a hand crank gear head

a good can lid

a rusty can

Let me know what you need!

Here is a great 1954 White Mountain owners manual. Thanks to Mr. Simmons (downskansasjunk ) This can be bought on eBay from him.

Do you have any literature on these ice cream freezers?