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23D Gray Pay Telephone For Sale

Early 2 Piece Pay telephone or Payphone


Automatic Electric 1A type Monophone

Automatic Electric Dial Candlestick Telephone $550.00

Antique Telephone Repair

Antique Upright Candlestick Telephones

Bargains Page of telephone, parts and other items

Blue Western Electric Model 302

Used Computers and parts!


Contact Page


Free Dial Centers for old telephones GIF

Doughboy collectables wanted

Dial Centers free for old telephones. Dial jepg

Phillsbury Doughboy Collection

Old telephone Items and other items headed for ebay!

Ericofons dial and touchtone For Sale 

Old Telephone Mouthpieces Old Or New?

How to Spot a Fake Dial Candlestick and wood telephone!

For Sale Friends Phones

More Friends stuff for sale!

More of my friends phones For Sale 3

OST group for sale!

Old Telephone Parts For sale

Garage Sale! Farm stuff, trailers, tomatoes cages and a whole lot more!

Lance Gore Phones for Sale. The Turtle Lake collection!

Western Electric Green 302

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Antique Vintage and old telephones and parts at

Old telephone Insulators for sale

Junk telephone parts and other items I no longer want!

Kellogg Lineman's test set for sale!

These knifes are for sale! Rare Cronk!

Late model Telephones These are telephone that are not antique but are becoming collectable

Links for Old

Manuals for computers and other stuff!

My Old Telephone Collection

My old telephone Collection II

Newly added ebay items! Look here to see what 202b1 is loading next!

1930's North desk telephone Works! For sale!

Jim (James) OConnor Direct telephone. 

Old as found phones. Farm Fresh! For sale!

Antique Old Vintage Telephones For Sale

Antique Vintage Old Desk Telephones

Antique Vintage Old Colored Telephones

My collection Of old Telephone Parts These are the hard to find parts that you never see

Antique Vintage Old Pay Telephones

Antique old telephone stuff for sale

Old Telephone Magnetos and what you need to know!

Antique Vintage Old Telephone Replacement Parts For Sale 

Old Antique Telephone Signs and Other Advertising

Old telephone signs and other For Sale2

Old Antique Wood Telephones

Other Antiques For Sale



Parts and Phones for sale 4-12-03 If you do not make an offer you will not get what you want!

Parts for 50's - 70's collectable Vintage telephones

Parts for Vintage Candlestick telephones

Parts For black desk telephones of the 20's-50's

Parts telephone related Miscellaneous

Parts for Pay Telephones

Parts for Pay Telephones

Parts For Telephone Booths

Parts ForTelephone Switchboards

Parts for Wood Wall Telephones

Red 302

What I saw at Phoneco

New Page 1

Picture Page

Old Telephone Props and Rentals

Stromberg Carlson Shelves


Telephone Man II


Thank You

Tools and Machinery

Top Page 2

Torrey created dial center cards

Trading Board ! Buy, Sell and Trade your old telephone items here!

Old Radio and transmission Tubes for sale!

Wanted Antique Vintage old telephones, White mountain Ice cream freezer 

Wanted old telephones and White mountain Ice cream freezer

Wanted! Large White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer




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