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I will load the pictures of the stuff I have for sale hear later today!

I need Western Electric candlestick switch hooks. any have any to spare. email me here

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Amp Machines Any one have any of these for sale?

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Wooden wall phone ready to be reworked

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More wooden phone ready to sell!

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Payphones ready to go! Mary showed me a new coin chute that will be a easy fix for those with a coin chute

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Mary's corner Wow look at those sticks!

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Pink everywhere!

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Repo sticks stocked up for easy shipping

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More sticks and 302's ready to ship!

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The book rack

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Be aware of the attack Cat! 

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Cords I knew they carried several different types but did you know they have colors too!

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Stock of phone that are ready to go!

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These are upstairs in the collection

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Look at the colored Western's!

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That is a Red red bar Kellogg!

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Out at the farm but it was getting dark!

The Real same is that I did not have the camera when we went down stairs at Phoneco with Mary or as Ron and I walked through the old buildings out at the house! I missed taking pictures of the basement at Phoneco of the 100's of payphones and the reproduction candlestick bases. There was a box 4'X4'X4' almost full of brass bases. Then we went upstairs there were 1000's of Ericofons and other later model phones. Mary has really got a good hold on the business there and is very in touch with what she has and what she needs. It seemed like I had just got there but 3 hours had passed by and I still needed to unload the trailer. Mary guided me out to the house and where Ron was waiting to help unload. We actually unloaded it into an empty trailer. Can you believe that? It was getting close to dark and I had been on the road most of the day and want to get to sleep. Ron asked if I wanted the 50 tour and I sad sure! Everywhere we went there were piles and piles of old phones or parts. It was like a maze of paths through the phones. I always have the best time around Ron and Mary. They are fun to talk to and full of good telephone information. Ron said he was working on the book and getting closer. I hope to see them again soon!


Junk for sale!

Buy here and buy it now! I will box it up and put it in storage and it will cost more when it goes to the old parts page. 


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North Dial Spacer $2.50

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4. 3" dial blanks $1.00 each various MFG's.

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3. Several 500 type dial blanks. Most are marked 95B. black($8), brown($12), beige($10) and one gray($22) Used!


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Does any know what these fit?

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2. For AE brass round base telephones. These are the half circle piece that holds the connections. These have all the screws but may have one complete connection missing on each side. 
$10.00 each


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4 prong plug to modular $14.00

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Amp spades 50 each Have about 200 of each

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Switch for 2 line 500's? $5.00

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Shmoo Phone 2 line

NFS (Not For Sale)