Old telephones and Parts

         20 QT White mountain Ice Cream Freezer or parts www.WhiteMountain20.com

         Siescor T84 telephone tester w/ touchtone $50 -$100

         Any type of telephone tester

         Windmill or parts

         Large School or church bells 


If you have any of the above for sale or trade Please drop me a line! Email here 



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Wanted! BCS Tillers 700's series and 800's series Working or not!

Tonetstr.jpg (37603 bytes)


These are King Design 1045B & KD8303-SP Telephone testers
Let me know if you have anything like this or owned one of these! I need manuals and calibration manuals.

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Seiscor made several different models and attachments. I am looking for any of the Seiscor equipment. Any of the following models with the digital readout is preferred. T84A, T84B, T84G and T84R. I am interested in these units working or not, even just parts. Email me now!


If you know of one of these 20 quart ice cream freezers. Please let me know! I Want incomplete ones too! I do not have any parts to sell. We use these for nonprofit fund raisers. I could use parts, one complete unit or 20. Send pictures of what you have and prices. White mountain Ice Cream freezer in the 20 quart size was use for commercial and home use.

Try www.whitemountain20.com for parts and help.
Email Me!

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Any one know where I can buy these?

I am always looking to buy old telephones and parts. Telephone stuff is my passion but I do love the buy most anything old. I like to buy computer stuff too! In the pictures I will post below you will see the type of stuff I am after.

strowger wall.jpg (22030 bytes)

Strowger Automatic Electric dial wall telephone
I will pay $500-$2500
Email Me!

If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!If No Picture! -- Right click picture square and Left click Show Picture!

Automatic Monophone model 40 Clear!

Email Now if you have one for sale!

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Just would like one working or not!
Email Me!

aepot.jpg (38363 bytes)

Potbelly Candle stick telephones I LOVE these!
I pay $300-$3000
Email Me!


strowgercss.jpg (35614 bytes)
Strowger Automatic Candlestick telephones 
I pay $500-$2500

Email Me!

strowger_wall.jpg (32146 bytes)
You have one of these Let me Know!
Email Me!

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Front view telephone coin deposit.jpg (236093 bytes)Rear view telephone coin deposit.jpg (364595 bytes)


This should be Red, White and Blue! 
I will pay $500-$1500
Email Me!

23dW.jpg (46956 bytes)5W.jpg (13788 bytes)

Any kind of old payphone!

FBW.jpg (232041 bytes)

Old wood phone like this!

51alW.jpg (26900 bytes)

Any part or piece of a dial candlestick phone
On these that are complete I will pay up to $150 in any condition

AMPW.JPG (85438 bytes)

Amp-O-Lectric spade machine or any machine for applying spades to wires!

aa1W.jpg (60218 bytes)

Any parts or pieces for this AA1 Western Electric desk phone!

AEGRNW.jpg (60433 bytes)

Any of the Monophones in Color! Made by Automatic Electric


sterlingW.jpg (8462 bytes)

deskwanted.jpg (28424 bytes)coffin.jpg (39827 bytes)

Email Me!

images/vanity2.jpg (72318 bytes)
Western Electric Vanity telephone Would love to buy another one!
I pay $500- $2500
Email Me!

Vanity.jpg (40314 bytes)

Will buy parts too!
Email Me!

DoughHOUSE.JPG (66333 bytes)

Pillsbury Doughboy Vinyl house
I want one for my Wife You tell me what you want!
Email Me!

RollieCAR.JPG (27544 bytes)

Rollie the car 

I will pay $50-300
Email Me!

Doughboy Uncle 
I pay $50-$100

Email Me!



What you have for sale list here!

Please let me know what you are putting on eBay! 


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